These Parents Are The Absolute Worst!

Posted by Michael Avery in Bizarre On 27th February 2018

If you thought your parents were the worst you are sorely mistaken. These parents are by far some of the worst that you will ever lay eyes on. After seeing these pics you will feel like calling your parents and telling them thank you.

#1 What a way to find out.

These parents crushed this little girls heart brutally on her birthday no less. How heartless can you be?


#2 Taking a ride.

There is nothing at all safe about this scene. All it would take is someone to wiggle wrong to have this family ride end in tragedy.

#3 Mom stop being a hoochie!

This poor kid has to sit and watch his mom act trashy and there isn't anything he can do about it. She's probably trying to find him a daddy.


#4 Now that's just not cool.

All this snake has to do is wrap itself around that baby and there will be a horrific scene. It's just not worth it to do something stupid like this.

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