These People Are Having Way Too Much Fun With Their Signs

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 3rd June 2018

Have you ever come across a sign, whether it be on a business or other public place, that totally made you shake your head and question the sanity of the person who made the sign? Sometimes these signs are unnecessary and other times they are hysterical. We have collected some of the funniest signs on the web that people have found while out and about.

Complaint Department

Apparently, these folks have gotten so many complaints that they set up their very own complaint department to handle them all. I am pretty sure that complaints have gone way down since they installed this. Nobody wants to see what happens if they push the button.


You Got This

This almost looks like a scene out of The Dukes of Hazzard. The only thing missing is a ramp and the sweet sound of the General Lee's horn and a Yee-ha. Would you take your chances?

You Can't See Me

This looks like a sign John Cena might have on his property or maybe even Harry Potter' know since he has the invisibility cloak and all. I know. Bad joke. Forgive me.


Attack Squirrels

Now, this is a great way to deter people from urinating outside. Could you imagine being a guy and taking a wiz only to have a squirrel latch on to your nether regions? We bet they start using the restroom at the pro-shop for now on.

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