These People Have Some Fairly Odd Family Traditions

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Bizarre On 30th April 2018

Every family has their traditions. Whether it be for a holiday or birthday, we all do something special our own way over the years. Most traditions are pretty normal. But, there are some people out there who have some pretty strange traditions. Here are some of our favorites.


No Front Door

This one is really not that odd. There are plenty of people who never use the front door. Some will enter through their garage, a side door, or even the back door. If someone knocked on the front door, we usually knew it was some sort of solicitor because visitors already knew not to use it.



Now, this is just kind of creepy. It would almost be better to just burst the Santa bubble and mark gifts from Mom and Dad. After I figured out there was no Santa, my Mom still marked gifts as from Santa. Who was I to steal her joy?


Dinner Cuss Out

This is a great idea. My best friend used to do this with his son. He told him he had two minutes to "express himself" in anyway that he wanted. So, he could cuss with no repercussions. It also helped him blow off steam. On especially bad days at school, he would come home and ask his Dad if he could express himself. He always felt much better after.

Birthday Hippo

Knowing how deadly hippos can be makes this tradition terrifying. I would be scarred for life thinking that some hippo would break into my home on my birthday. He could eat me in my sleep.


Playing Dress Up

We have heard of people dressing up nice for Thanksgiving. That is a tradition in many homes, but dressing up like Pilgrims is new to us. Did half the family dress up like Pilgrims and the other half dress up like Native Americans? I feel like we need more details.

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