These People Need To Go Back To Parenting School

Posted by Michael Avery in Bizarre On 27th February 2018

Parenting skills are something that is learned over time. The biggest part of acquiring those skills is really having your priorities in order. Growing up you might have thought that your parents were the absolute worst but I bet they were nowhere near as bad as these so-called parents. Be thankful for that.


#1 It's nap time.

This kid is enjoying a peaceful nap when dad decides it would be a good idea to load up the chainsaw and chop some wood. What a great dad. He better hope that the baby doesn't slip.


#2 Let's go shopping.

This poor little girl is getting exposed to things she doesn't need to see for many years. Good job mom and dad. Couldn't you have done your kink shopping at another time?


#3 Raising a little thug.

This dad is doing his best to raise a little hoodlum just like him. Just look at him with his little bottle of vodka. I really hope he didn't let him drink it but I wouldn't put it past him with the way people are these days.

#4 Twerk it to make it work.

The look on her face says it all. This little girl is probably thinking "why is my daddy being a pervert and taking pictures of that girl's butt?" We know why he's doing it sweety but we don't know why he took you with him to do it.


#5 Get up there now!

This isn't too bad but it's still dangerous. Just because kids like to climb on things doesn't mean you should exploit that inclination because you're short.

#6 Well this is shocking.

Sure it's probably safe to have the kids sitting on this power box but why risk it? There is a warning sign on it for a reason. Better to be safe than sorry.


#7 She's been buried alive. What a great parent.

This little girl is lucky that she didn't suffocate under all of that mess. This is just unacceptable. There is no excuse for this at all.


#8 Let's all get drunk tonight.

You can't tell me that this kid didn't have at least a sip of that beer. This is a good way to get your kids taken from you. If you're going to do something stupid like this at least don't take pictures.