These People Reveal Why They Obsess Over Their Partners Ex's

By Johny in Life Style On 22nd October 2015

#1 She gets jealous because he still loves her and think about her all the time.

#2 LOL. She wants him to post pictures with her not her Ex.

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#4 He is still confused between her and her Ex.

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#5 OMG! Everyday and she only get it monthly. That's so pity of her.

#6 Friendship is not important. Ex is valuable.

#7 Her Ex was a lady? This is big question.

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#8 She Give up on his ex.

#9 Still Love her ex and this thing kill the current girlfriend.

#10 Scared of his Ex. He knows the value of gifts.

#11 Hahahaha... This Is Hilarious. She is so conscious. She does not have confidence on her.

#12 These guys are immature Lesbos.

#13 He loves you and her both. But He loves her more than you.

#14 She is really obsessed over their partner's ex. She could kill her if she met her.

#15 This will make you more uncomfortable over his ex.

#16 That Bitchy message to his Ex.