These People's Actions Totally Defy All Logic

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 16th May 2018

Have you ever seen someone try to move furniture in a vehicle that is too small? How about lumber that is too long for the truck or trailer? People think that duct tape and bungee cords are the answer to everything, but that is not always true. These people in this post totally defy any logic on how to move certain items.


Too Long

We do not know how this guy thinks he is really going to get that big ass beam home. Try as he may, it is not going to fit into his car. We recommend renting a flatbed or seeing if it can get cut down unless he needs it at the full length.


This Might Work

While this seems to be getting the job done, it is worrisome all the same. Imagine if someone hits the side of his car. Not only will he lose his door, but that 65-inch television will get destroyed at the same time.


Really, dude?

While this seems like it will work just fine, it is still pretty stupid. If you can afford a car like that, surely you can afford to have your new HD TV delivered to your home instead. It would be safer.

Tight Squeeze

Wife: Honey. That is not going to fit

Husband: Hold my beer and watch this!

We just wonder how they did not realize while in the store that this box was not going to fit. When picking up large pieces from the store, it is best to use a pickup truck. That is what they are made for.

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