These People Totally Look Like Their Pets, Or Is It The Other Way Around?

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Bizarre On 30th March 2018

It is pretty common for a pet to take on the personality of its owner. If you are kind and loving, your pet will likely be the same. The same happens if you are a total jerk. Your pet might become a total jerk as well. But, these people have taken adapting to their pets to a whole new level. They actually look like their pets. The similarities are insane.


Topher Brophy and Rosenburg

I found an entire article in the Daily Mail about this fantastic duo. Topher thought that he and his beloved Rosenburg looked so much alike that they often dress up in matching costumes. You can see all of their fun-natured pictures on Brophy's Instagram account @topherbrophy. This dynamic duo has amassed nearly 200 thousand fans on the website. You will find more than 300 images of the pair dressed up for holidays and other fun photoshoots. This one pictured here is one of my favorites. You can tell that these two have a very special bond and that Rosenburg is very tolerant of his owner's antics.


Chinese Crested Dog

It is pretty easy to make it appear that you and your dog might be sisters from other misters, but pulling off looking like a Chinese Crested Dog takes skill. They have the craziest hair, and that alone is hard to mimic. It looks like this gal nailed it perfectly. She even rocks a brown leather jacket and a pose that is almost a mirror image of her precious pooch.


The Dog Show

Have you ever sat and watched a dog show? This is the main place where you will find people who look and dress to match their dogs. Looking at this photo here, we wonder if her dog's hairstyle was inspired by her own or if it is the other way around. Either way, they definitely look alike.

Ron Perlman

While we are pretty sure that this is not really Ron Perlman's dog, it does not mean that the resemblance is not uncanny. If I were Ron, and I saw this photo, I would go out and find this dog and make him my own. They look like they would be best friends for life.



Puli is a breed of dog that is known for its thick dreadlock-like hair. It looks to us that this dog owner knew exactly what she was doing when she picked out this fur baby. It must have been love at first sight since they both have amazing dreadlocks.

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