These Photos Are Sure To Trigger The OCD In Everyone

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Bizarre On 28th June 2018

While having a real case of OCD is not something to joke about, everyone has some OCD tendencies inside of them. Seeing boxes lined up perfectly on a shelf makes your brain happy, but if you see one askew, it could trigger your need to see everything look perfect. We expect to see things like tiles on a floor to match up and be set in a perfect pattern. One piece out of place can drive us crazy. Here are some more examples of things that can really trigger the OCD in everyone.


Paper Towel Dispensers

It is not bad enough that the hand soap dispenser is set off to one side of the sink making it inconvenient to use if three people are trying to wash their hands at once. They just had to make this bathroom even worse by putting up too many paper towel dispensers at varying heights. Whoever designed this bathroom should be fired immediately.


Bad Tiles

When you are making a tile design, you have to be sure that it is going to be symmetrical or you end up with a hot mess like this. Not only is the dark center line wrong, but the top left edge is too long which is probably what caused the center issue.


Bad Placement

Here is another bathroom fail. If you want to be able to dry your hands before walking out of this bathroom, you better be prepared to get smashed by the door in the process.

Reach for the sky

I have to admit that I did not notice what was so wrong about this picture at first. Then, I realized that the column does not reach all of the ways to the ceiling. The only thing that I can think is that it probably never gets cleaned and in a few years, the dust and gunk will finally make it connect to the ceiling like it should have done anyway.


Blurred Lines

Fire the contractor right now! I do not know how anyone who could live in a house that has floors like this. They might as well tear up all the flooring and start all over.

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