These Photos Found In His Mistress’ Bedroom Reveal A Side Of Adolf Hitler You’ve Never Seen

Posted by Michael Avery in History On 20th March 2017


Less than a month after the deaths of Hitler and Braun, British photographer Edward Dean found himself in Berlin. With him were BBC war correspondent Richard Dimbleby and an unidentified Russian soldier. Together, the trio forced their way into Braun’s bedroom.



Armed with a bayonet, the Russian soldier managed to gain access to a locked drawer in Braun’s chambers. Inside, they found something so incredible it still fascinates the world decades later. It was a photograph album, filled with snapshots of Hitler and his closest allies.



The album, which features a Swastika design on its cover, is thought to have belonged to Braun herself. Inside are 73 black-and-white photographs, each revealing a side to Hitler and the Third Reich rarely seen anywhere else. But just who was responsible for taking these striking shots?

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