These Photos From Russian Dating Sites Are Just Bizarre

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Bizarre On 8th May 2018

You can find all kinds of weird things and people on the internet. No matter where you look, you are sure to be baffled by what you find at least once a day. One of the more bizarre places to find strange people are Russian dating sites. Here are some of the more strange profile photos from some of those sites.


Ax Me To Prom

We have to wonder why this chick is carrying an ax while in her prom dress. Is this some sort of 'promposal' and she is going to ax someone to go with her? Or, did someone already ax her to go, and that is why she has a rose too? This whole photo is confusing.


Fishay Fishay

What is that smell? Oh, it is just my giant fish. Trust me. Does anyone have any idea why this lady is posing with a huge fish? Surely there are better ways to figure out how big your catch was.



Why is this guy sitting in a tub full of dirty water, fully clothed? What is he drinking? And, are those cookies sitting on the towel? We have so many questions and not nearly enough answers.


These two must be twins. They have a lot of similar facial features, but the bangs are what really give it away. This guy's combover puts Donald Trump's combover to shame. Don't you agree?

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