These Photos From Russian Dating Sites Are Just Bizarre

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Bizarre On 8th May 2018

Dead Ted

We really are not sure why this guy seems to be holding this poor teddy bear hostage at knifepoint. All we can hope is that the hostage negotiator was able to talk him down and the bear got away unscathed.


Granny's Fur

This guy sure thinks that he is big pimping while wearing this giant fur coat. Unfortunately, it looks like it belongs to his grandmother, not some big thug named Boris. He tried, though.

Dump Selfie

Who in their right mind puts on skimpy clothes, lays in a trash pile at the local dump, and poses for a photo? We might have contracted Hepatitis just looking at this photo. Hopefully someone hosed her down with sanitizer after this. Ick!


Strike a Pose

There are some people who try too hard to be sure that they look like their pets. This gal seems to be trying to make her pet chicken pose like her. We hope she pecked the hell out of her after she released her.

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