These Photos Will Make You Understand Why Dogs Make Life Worth Living

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Feel Good On 26th March 2018

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are loving and incredibly loyal. They can brighten your day and provide comfort when you are down in the dumps. They are always happy to see you even if you think no one else cares that you exist. They are truly man's best friend, and these photos prove just how great they really are.



They say that animals choose their humans. In this case, this dog chose his friend, another dog. He looks like he will forever be that little guy's protector. How sweet is that?


Deaf Dog

Raising a dog with disabilities can be just as hard as raising a child with disabilities. Did you know that you can teach a deaf dog sign language? Apparently, it is totally possible. We found this picture of a dog being signed "good boy" to be incredibly endearing.

Missing his human

We do not know the full context of this photo, but we guess that his owner may be deployed in the military. We find it really sweet that his owner takes the time to keep in touch with his fur-baby while he is away. I am sure that we will see this pooch in one of those welcome home videos where the dog goes nuts with joy when his owner comes home from deployment.

Cat got your tongue

Cats and dogs do not always get along. However, there are some cases where a dog and a cat form a bond that is so strong that they are practically inseparable. That seems to be the case with these two. Watching them play must be a true joy for their owners.


Sneaky Pete

It can be very frustrating when you have a pet who is an escape artist. Your heart leaps up to your throat when you go to check on your fur-baby, who should be playing the yard, disappears. It is almost as bad as having your kid vanish if you are a die-hard pet lover. It looks like these folks found an amusing way to keep that from happening again.

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