These Reddit Love Stories Will Truly Melt Your Heart

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Feel Good On 19th May 2018

Nothing is better than a great love story. We relish them when we read them in books or see them in movies. We daydream about finding a love like those, but most of them are fantasy. However, there are plenty of realistic love stories that can melt our hearts as well. Check out these Reddit love stories.

A Night At The Bar

This was a night at the bar that this guy will never forget. Making eye contact with a person who you feel drawn to can be exciting and electrifying. But, when that person shows that they have a silly personality just like you, you know you have found the right one.


Banging Heads

This couple definitely had what it takes to last right from the very start. Instead of getting mad or even embarrassed, they decided to make light of their situation. This resulted in a love that is one for the ages.

No Raisins

It is important for partners to remember the little things that our mates like and do not like. It appears that this guy really saved the day and proved his undying love in this one small gesture. She is one lucky lady.



It is not easy to make a decision for a long distance move when you are in a relationship with someone who has everything going for them right where they are at. If you find someone like this woman in this story, you have a real keeper and better make that move worth it for both of you.

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