These Sarcastic Responses To Public Notes Are Hilarious

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 27th September 2018


We do not know what state a sign like this is posted in, but we are glad to not have the problem around our office. Just in case this is a regular occurrence where you live, be sure to stick with a slower co-worker, so you can get away faster.


Don't Touch

This poor person just cannot get a break. It is bad enough that their coworkers will not stop touching their mug, but they also took a photo to show how many mangy hands have been on that mug.

Not That Kind Of Date

You gotta kind of feel bad for the guy who left the second note. We have a feeling that his story just might be true.


Stop Stealing

It looks like this workplace is having a bit of a stealing issue when it comes to the communal refrigerator. Sadly, it also appears that the thief has no remorse for his actions either.

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