These Secret Codes Will Give You Access To Absolutely Everything On Netflix

Posted by Editorial Staff in Science and Technology On 9th January 2016


Did you know that you only see a limited number of programs when your browse through your Netflix? Depending on what country you live in you only have access to a limited amount of programs. It is also tailored to your taste by a computer program, so you could be missing out on hundreds of programs that you might like.



There are literally tens of thousands of ‘hidden' TV series, films and documentaries and I'm about to give you access to them all. It's good news for Netflix fans everywhere!


On the Netflix website each page has a different ID. So if you wanted to watch all ‘Visually-striking Films for ages 5 to 7' you can type the following code (2851) at the end of the URL and that category will pop up. Simple.

Some absolute geek with way to much time on their hands, has gone through every number and discovered what is on each page. They have then made this super easy to access google spreadsheet, where you can view every single thing that has been uploaded to Netflix.

So yes, it will only work on your computer. However you can then search for that title in the app and it will come up. You can also just link up your laptop to your TV if you're that desperate to watch it on a big screen.

Enjoy people!

You can access the full list here

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