These Spider Cupcakes Are Terrifyingly Delicious!

By Teresa Thomerson in Food On 19th September 2015



Cupcake mix and ingredients listed on the mix box.

Cake/cupcake frosting. Color and flavor is up to maker.

Candy corn

Small round candy - suggestions include M & Ms, Skittles, Red Hot candies, Tic Tacs, etc.

One package of Small Licorice


1)Make cupcakes, following the directions of the mix box. After baking, let them cool completely before moving on.


2) Frost the cupcakes with the flavor or color of your choice. This frosting will be what color your spider will be. If it's for a kid's party, it's better to have two or more different colors. This may be an advantage just in case someone prefers vanilla over chocolate, or pink over brown.

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4) Place four licorice pieces on the top sides of each cupcake.

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5) Get two candies and place them in the center of the cupcake. These will be the eyes.


6) Position two candy corns at the bottom of the cupcake. Be sure that the tip of each candy corn is facing towards you. These candies will be the fangs for the spiders.