These Things Done For Social Media Clout Will Make Your Blood Boil

Posted by Mahnoor Nadir in Cringey On 26th February 2021

From stupid to downright infuriating. Some of these actions done for internet followers are truly horrible



This woman trampled over plants in a conservatory after being repeatedly asked not to do so.



No words here. What message is she trying to send when the kids clearly don't want to be in the picture?



This girl was forcefully hugging guys just walking down the street in Korea. Pushing people's boundaries is not cute.



There aren't a lot of terrible mothers in the world but she's definitely one of them.


Heartbreaking and unbelievable. 



That's a hard way to learn a lesson but at least she's learnt it.



What unacceptable behaviour. Sexual harassment is not a joke and shouldn't be played for laughs. 



Is an Instagram picture really worth your life?



Let's keep the service workers out of this. They have it difficult enough when dealing with Karens on the regular.



Terrible parenting strikes yet again. Some people just should not have kids if they don't know how to treat them. 



We hope these kids are somewhere safe now and getting the help they need. 


How do hundreds of people make the same terrible decision and not think about the consequences of their actions. 



The picture may have taken a second but they destroyed months of hard work that went into planting and growing those flowers.


Seemingly innocent picture if it wasn't on the train tracks at Auschwitz. This isn't the place to be flexing your LV bag.


Lady, you need to take that saviour complex and take it elsewhere.



These people are extremely lucky that nothing went wrong. Dangling your child over a ledge is horrendously stupid


These people need to be named and shamed. Stop destroying nature for your shitty instagram


Way to go dude. You just used your own grandmother for internet points. 



This has to be filed under animal abuse and punishable by law


A little less infuriating than the others. What else are friends there for?