These Things Have Names That Make No Sense Whatsoever

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Bizarre On 30th June 2018


I second the motion to call it a cellfie instead of a mugshot. Maybe mugshots can be what they call them when the photo is super crazy looking, and a cellfie could be what they call the pictures that come out really good like that guy who got a modeling contract after his mugshot went viral.


Space Heater

I am totally down for calling the sun a space heater instead. However, we would have to call space heaters something else like a room warmer. Somehow that does not have the same ring to it though.



The word jet ski has two parts. Jet comes from the French word jeter which means to throw or thrust. Ski has Norwegian roots meaning to cut or split. While boatercycle would be a pretty badass name, jet ski makes more sense giving its roots.

Hair BNB

I was going to just leave this one here, but I changed my mind. While Hair BNB would be funny, it would make more sense to call Trump Hotels Loompaland, don't you think?

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