These Vintage Photos Reveal What Flying On A Plane Was Like In The Past

Posted by Editorial Staff in History On 14th February 2017

What was it like to fly in the 1950s? Dangerous, smoky, boozy, boring, expensive, and racist. Still think you got it bad today?

1. Flying Used To Be Fun

Remember the good ol' glamorous days of flying? Probably not, because chances are you weren't alive to enjoy them.


2. Check Out This Swanky British Airways Flight

During the "Golden Age" of air travel, passengers had a lot more leg room and they didn't have to worry about hitting their heads on the overhead compartment every time they stood up.

3. But Some Of The Planes Were Small

Like, really small. I don't know how anybody sat in these wicker chairs and flew thousands of feet above the ground without popping some Xanax first.


4. An Era Where Taking A Flight Was A Special Occasion

This photo was taken in 1936 at Newark Airport as a male steward (one of the very first!) welcomed passengers aboard. This was also a time when people dressed up to fly rather than wear old yoga pants, an oversized sweatshirt and Uggs.

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