These Worst First Date Experiences Will Leave You In Stitches

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 26th June 2018

Dating is not easy, especially if you are going on a blind date. You really do not know what to expect either way. We are usually drawn to a person by their looks and use the first date to learn about their personalities. The way you hoped the other person would be like versus how they really are in person can turn out to be a massive disappointment. These people tell us about their disappointing first dates, and they will really crack you up.


Dinner & A Movie

It is sad that this guy apparently had the attitude that if he treats a woman to dinner and a movie that she owes him something for it. We are glad that she saw what a pig this dude was and got herself home safely. Things could have been so much worse.


Double Dating

Now, this gives the term "double dating" an entirely new meaning. This guy thought he was slick, but he totally got busted out by the wait staff.


Too Much Garlic

If she does something like this, she is just not that into you. It would be best to cut a date like this short instead of wasting your time.

The Mute

This is just bizarre, and it leaves us with so many questions. Who did he just eat with? How did she know he was waiting for a blind date making him an easy target? And, lastly, who does that?


Nothing Better To Do

Wow. He sounds like a real keeper. Apparently, she thought so too since she married him. Let's be honest. This guy got really lucky because most girls would have never talked to him again after a remark like that one.

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