They Have Finally Discovered The Truth Behind The Cause Of Depression And It Might Surprise You

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Health and Fitness On 29th January 2018

Depression is a mental illness that way too many people suffer from. Each year, depression affects one in 15 adults. It is estimated that one-in-six people will suffer from some form of depression during their lifetime.


The pursuit of happiness.

Depression is a mental illness that is affecting more and more people each and every day. The need to tackle this illness has come under intense media scrutiny over the last couple of years. There is a reason for that. Everything that we do is in the pursuit of happiness. We want desperately want to free ourselves from hurt and turmoil as much as possible.


Chemical imbalance?

Even though depression is something that we discuss now more than ever, there is still some confusion about what causes depression. You might have been told that it is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain, but there are some scientists out there who dispute that this is the main cause of depression.


What is the cause?

When a person suffers from depression, it is easy to think something is wrong with you. You might catch yourself asking, "Why do I have this irrational feeling of sadness when there’s nothing wrong with my life?" But, if the primary cause of depression is not a chemical imbalance, then what is?

Research shows that just because you have symptoms of depression, it does not mean that your brain is malfunctioning. Depression and anxiety are generally caused by things that have happened in our past and not the natural state of your brain.

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