They Were Disgusted By An Old Man Spilling His Food — Until A Stranger Said THIS

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 16th October 2015

#1 A man decided to take his disabled and elderly father out to a restaurant for dinner...

During the meal, his father would continuously drop food onto his shirt and trousers. But, the son would patiently wipe him off and take care of the mess each time it happened.

#2 Other diners were disgusted by the elderly man's behavior.

Other customers in the restaurant aren't as patient, and continue to stare at the pair in an unpleasant manner.

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#3 The son patiently helps dad clean up every little mess and stain when dinner is over.

After their meal, the son led his father to the restroom and helped him wipe the stains off of his clothes.

Then, he helped his father comb his hair, put on his jacket, and straighten his glasses.

#4 Other patrons were making fun of the elderly man and amazed at how he embarrassed himself in public, specifically while they were eating.

After they came out, the son went to pay the bill, and stood up to leave. Everyone watched them in dead silence.

No one could understand how someone could embarrass himself in public like that.

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#5 When they returned to their table they found the money there to pay for their dinner.

Then, all of a sudden, one of the customers, another elderly man, called out to the son.

"Don't you think you have left something behind?" he asked.

"No, sir, I haven't," the son replied.

#6 One onlooker stands up to give everyone a very important message. It leaves everyone speechless, and remorseful for their unkind attitude.

"Yes, you have!" replied the old man. "You have left a lesson for every son, and hope for every father."

And with that reply, the entire restaurant fell silent.

Taking care of those who once cared for you is of the utmost importance.

#7 This inspiring story and message continues to resound as strongly as ever.

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