Things That Were Socially Acceptable In The 90’s, But Not Today

Posted by Editorial Staff in History On 9th April 2017

Lots of things have changed during the past years. People are not the same as they were in their 90’s. The trends and things we used to follow in our 90’s is not at all acceptable in today’s era. Things have changed so as people.

Given below are few examples from the 90’s which are not applicable in today’s era. No one will accept these changes in their life. In the 90’s people used to go out for shopping, no proper internet and many such issues. But now most of our generation depends on Internet.


#1 Brown Lipstick:

Ever wonder what your face would look like if you had a turd instead of lips? Thanks to brown lipstick, we never had to wonder!


#2 Telephone Numbers:

Memorizing phone numbers. Back then, it was necessary. Now if you tell someone you memorized their number, it makes you look like you're obsessed with them. What kind of weirdo memorizes peoples' numbers!?


#3 Making Plans:

Making plans with someone multiple days in advance, not talking to them about it again, and just showing up without having to confirm that day that your plans are still on.

#4 Middle Parts:

Also known as “The Jordan Catalano” or “The Shawn Hunter.” Those phrases didn’t quite catch on like “The Rachel” did, but you get it.


#5 Frosted Tips:

This bled into the 2000s. Speaking of blood, my heart still beats for Pacey Witter.

Reddit user nlippe remembers this trendy bleached style of the '90s, while user Jinn_and_tonic calls out *NSYNC-era Justin Timberlake for his "bleached, ramen noodle hair." But frosted tips aren't the online trend trends commenters are glad we left in the '90s: NachoTacoYo recalls "pants that can unzip and become shorts," and funkmasterem remembers Puka shell necklaces.

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