Things That You Should Never Pour Down The Drain

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY

You should really think twice before you dump things down the drain. You could really end up causing yourself to have a very expensive problem to fix. If it belongs in a trash can, don't put it down the drain. These are some of the worst things you could possibly pour down the drain. You have been warned.


#1 Think before you pour medicine down the drain.

Your old expired medicine might dissolve and breakdown in the water from your drain but it will also contaminate the water eventually making it so toxic that something down the line will suffer from it. It's been said that water tested in major cities always shows traces of medicines like antidepressants and others. Think about that the next time you pour out old pills.

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#2 Flour is not good for your drains.

When flour gets wet it becomes sticky almost like glue. Over time this can build up and catch other things that go down your drain. Eventually, this will end up forming a huge clog that will be a pain to get rid of.


#3 Remember, pasta expands.

As pasta sits in water it starts to expand. This is the desired result while cooking but not so much when it comes to your pipes. If you want to end up with your drain being clogged up, pouring pasta down it is a good way to accomplish that. Rice also falls under the same category. Save yourself some trouble and just don't do it.


#4 Hair is probably the worst thing of all.

If you've got longer hair you tend to lose it often while brushing or combing. When you clean out that brush you want to make sure that you are throwing the hair in the trash, not down the drain. Trust me, it's a pretty nasty cleanup once the drain gets plugged. You also want to make sure you brush your hair before you jump in the shower. This will help prevent nasty clogs as well.

#5 Cigarette butts are just nasty when they get stuck in the drain.

Cigarette filters are super absorbent and will expand pretty rapidly. It doesn't take many smokes down the drain to lead to an ugly clog. You also have to worry about the chemicals in the cigarette butt itself. The mixture of nicotine and various carcinogens will absolutely contaminate the water.

#6 Feminine products belong in the trash.

Anyone with common sense knows that tampons and pads are made to absorb moisture so what makes you think it's a good idea to flush them down the drain? These things expand rapidly and can triple in size once they have absorbed all they can absorb. It's pretty much a guaranteed clog that will most likely require a plumber to fix.