Things We Did Back In The 90s That Prove That Change Is Good

Posted by Editorial Staff in History On 7th April 2017

You know what they say about change, right? It’s the only constant. And judging by my high school photos, I'm glad that's what it is. As much as baggy jeans and weird piercings make people nostalgic, all they do for me is set in motion a personal cringe-fest. Now, you might sometimes find yourself getting daunted in the face of a possible Black Mirror-ish future, but these 10 things from the past (that we're glad are in the past) prove that change can sometimes be a very good thing.

#1 Everyone was wearing T-shirts twice their size

They were big enough to fit a small family.


#2 Emo’ used to be a thing

And the perfect emo accessory was a slit wrist.

#3 One word, Scrunchies

Your face deserves punchies.


#4 Hooking a pager onto your pants like this was apparently a fashion statement

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