Things Which Can Turn Off Men Instantly

By Sughra Hafeez in Life Style On 11th October 2015

#1 Never try to change him.

You don't force him to change if you love him. Because it's he whom you loved not just the parts you enjoyed.

#2 Being boring in the bed.

Keep trying something new in the bedroom. Don't afraid of experimenting new things or giving surprises. As they are too much important to spice up things. Always keep learning new tricks and techniques to impress him, he will notice that surely.

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#4 If you advice too much, it will bother him for sure.

It's good to give him advice whenever needed and important but not all the time. It may irritate them. As sometimes, they just want to say and express but not in the mood of listening you.

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#5 Don't be too much judgemental.

Don't judge the guy all the time as only your opinions doesn't rule the world. It's not good to judge the guy or his friends every time about what and how he or his friends does anything.