Things Women Say And What It Actually Means

By Sughra Hafeez in Facts and DIY On 15th October 2015

#1 Nothing

Had to start off with something, but nothing came to my mind first. This seems to be the most common of expression, meaning; something, and we have to figure that something out ourselves. It usually is the end of conversations and beginning of troubles.

#2 Yes, No, Maybe

Mostly, all three have the same meaning, No. Although depending on context and situation, they can mean any of the one, and it's very hard to assess which one. And by no means should you dig, else you will be directed to #1.

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#3 Fine/Whatever

Yes, that is the fine it's supposed to mean. It comes at the ends of hot pursuits, and however good you drove and dodged, you lose, you are charged. Simply stating, the talk's over and you lost. The latter is just the worse form of it.

#4 It's fine/It's okay

Similar to previous, but not lethal, instead it means nothing is fine/okay and some support and/or space will be highly appreciated, which can be directly asked for, #2 here can very safely be assumed to mean Yes as answered. Although if followed by something you did potentially wrong, it's dangerous than #1 and can often lead to it's derivative #3 in near future.

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#5 Thanks (a lot)

Usually means what it's supposed to mean. Although trouble comes with 'a lot', and a lot of it. It generally goes as gratitude for messing up or something bad. Mostly followed by #3 and then #1. Often it comes after #5 and #6 and both respectively.

#6 Rhetorical Questions?

Questions that clearly are not meant to be answered. Some of them are: Do you have to do this now? (stop immediately and wait for further orders), What do you like? (better like what I like), Are you listening? (you are not listening). Whatever happens, never answer, or be prepared for #6 and others follow as required. Any question on her looks, you are having a trip from #7 - #4 - #3 - #1.

#7 Read between the lines, the lines you often cross

I'm not upset (hell, she is), 5 minutes (30-45 minutes if you are waiting and 1-2 seconds if she is), take me somewhere (mostly, her favorite places), we need to talk (she wants to speak and you listen, ends with #3 or relation). Rest you need to figure out on your own.

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#8 You need to..

She wants you to.. as simple as that it may be but very deadly, given in the form of suggestion but an order, it's a big trap. And if it goes as 'we need to', mind you, it's gonna be heavy on you.