Think Your Vision Is Good? Try To Solve This In 10 Seconds!

By Michael Avery in Puzzle On 30th April 2017

#1 Starting off can you find the "E" in this photo?

I'm sure this one won't be hard for you.

#2 Moving on, find the "O".

This one is pretty simple too.

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#3 Can you find the "y" now?

I bet you find it with no problem.

#4 Locate the "3".

A little more complicated but still really easy.

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#5 Don't be fooled. Find the "V".

Pay no attention to the random letter trying to throw you off.

#6 They are starting to get a little harder right? Find the "M".

I bet you're feeling real confident, aren't you?

#7 Now let's see how you do. Fin the "i".

I couldn't do this one in time.

#8 Finally we have reached the end. Find the "L".

This one is not as hard as the last one but still pretty tough.

So how did you do? Share this with your friends and lets them test their observation skills.