This 13 Year Old Girl Is So Good At Muay Thai That They Banned Her From Fighting Boys Her Age

By Michael Avery in Sports On 20th October 2015


Phetjee Jaa O. Mee Khun is a 13 year old schoolgirl in Thailand who is basically the Ronda Rousey of Muay Thai, except she's so good that she's been fighting boys her own age and destroying them.


Women's Muay Thai is still a ways behind men's in terms of being culturally accepted, but she's being heralded as the one who is going to smash through that glass ceiling.

"Girls are always forbidden to walk over the ropes to the ring because it is regarded as a holy compound," she said.

By age 10, she had already racked up 90 fights (70 of which were against boys.) Recently, however, she's been banned from fighting against boys or girls her own age, and has to fight older guys and girls in heavier weight classes. Everyone else is afraid of her.

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Weight classes exist for a reason, and fighting people that are older, stronger, heavier, and more experienced, not to mention the boys will have gone through puberty and have an even greater advantage it's just bad for her career. Best case scenario it'll stall her career until more evenly-matched competition steps up, worst-case she's basically being fed to the wolves maybe somebody has a problem with a young girl coming along and crushing, so they're trying to make things extra difficult for her?


Not a bad collection. Check out a couple videos about the young lady.

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You've got to see her in action, she's a killer.


Check out this great video by Lawrence Kenshin, who is one of the top fight analysts and video makers in the game.