This 38-Year-Old Pregnant Mom With Eye Cancer Gave Up Her Eye For The Sake Of Her Babies

Posted by Sumaika Ghani in Amazing On 12th January 2018

After being diagnosed with a very rare eye cancer, pregnant Jessica made an act of selfless devotion when she told her doctors that she'd get her right eye removed. The kind mom has no regrets after taking such a big step in her life!


#1. Diagnosed With Ocular Melanoma- A Rare Eye Cancer, When She Was Eight Months Pregnant

Jessica Boesmiller was told by the doctors that she had a rare eye cancer when the woman was already eight months pregnant with her fraternal twins-a boy and a girl. What devasted the 38-year-old mom was that her disease might spread to the placenta affecting the lives of her babies.


2. Facing The Situation With Strength, Jessica Made A Decision That Surprised Everyone

The selfless mother from North Carolina was faced with the most difficult time of her life but she did not lose her strength and instead faced the situation bravely. Jessica discussed all the options with her doctors and finally came to a conclusion that surprised everyone.


#3. The Brave Woman Made The Decision To Get Her Cancerous Eye Removed

Not only her family but Jessica's doctors were also inspired by her challenging decision to get the cancerous eye removed so that her babies could stay healthy. The pregnant woman did not want her babies to get affected by the terrible disease and so she took the big decision to lose her one eye.

#4 Twins Are Negative For This Evilness That Is Called Cancer

The 38-year old mom shared her feelings on a Facebook page. "Twins are negative for this evilness that is called cancer," she wrote. Jessica did not get the radiation therapy as it could harm her pregnancy and finally on 21 December, she gave the birth to her healthy twin babies.


#5. Jessica is Really Happy To Be Able To Deliver Healthy Babies

Jessica does not have any regrets about losing her right eye to cancer as nothing is more important to her than the healthy lives of her newly born twins."There is nothing better than having healthy babies, so it’s all been worth it," the happy mom said.

#6 Focus On The Blessings That We Have

Although Jessica is happy about her safe pregnancy, the woman's health status is still not known. "We’ve prayed a whole lot and we need to focus on the twins’ needs at this time. We can’t change anything by worrying, we just have to focus on the blessings that we have — and we have so many," she said.