This Adult Industry Actress Teaches This Famous Nfl Player A Lesson He Will Never Forget!

By Johny in Bizarre On 28th September 2015

#1 Please Meet Our Star - Mia Khalifa

She's the lady who broke the internet since her meteoric uprising a few months ago

#2 What's The Story About ?

The NFL superstar, Duke Williams, probably a big crush of her, started some chat with her reaching her Twitter DMs

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#4 And If That's Wasn't Enough....

She uploaded this photo to her Instagram account just after her conversation with Williams.

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#5 Duke Response

He didn't let the story go quietly without his response. As you can see, he tried to be the innocent guy in this case.

#6 The Full Conversation

Now that's hurt. Burned!

#7 Her Next Action In Unknown!

Will It Be The Mia Khalifa Internet Trolling? By the way, the same thing happened with the famous rapper Drake.

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