This Artist From Turkey Is Mesmerizing Everyone With Her Handmade Embroidered Designs That Might Give You 19th Century Vibes

Posted by Sumaika Ghani in Amazing On 12th January 2018

Defne Gunturkun has the talent to bewitch everyone with her breathtaking work. Here is the story about the talented artist's life and handmade designs that are embroidered so beautifully that you won't be able to find the tiniest of flaw!


#1. We Hardly See Anyone In This Era Who Has A Passion For Creating Handmade Designs

In this modern era of industrialization, it is rare to find artists who believe in handmade embroidered craftwork and in creating beautiful designs with their skilled hands, no matter how much time taking they are. But luckily, we have discovered one such talented artist who surely knows how to catch the eye of every person with her breathtaking artwork.


#2. The Love For Nature And Art Can Be Observed In Defne's Colorful ArtWork

Defne Gunturkun is a brilliant textile designer from Turkey who loves to experiment with colors and explore different plants. “I have great knowledge when it comes to dealing with color combinations and exploring different kinds of plants. So illustrating them has been helping me a lot with my embroideries,” the Istanbul based artist told while explaining her unique interests.


#3. Defne Finally Ended Her Journey As A Science Student To Fulfil Her Inner Passion

The story behind Defne's work is not so simple and the skillful artist revealed that she had been a science student throughout her life. Although the professional had always loved to design fabric patterns, she ended up choosing Biology as her subject in university but after a year of struggle, Defne understood that she had taken a wrong decision and so the passionate artist quit studying science.

#4. And It Was The Best Decision Of Her Life

"I quit Biology. Because I was certain that it will make me very unhappy in the long run and I need to study art which was the best decision of my life. After which I got into Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University," she said. The gifted artist often expresses her deep love for nature through her impressive embroideries.


#5. We'd Love To See More Of Defne's Fascinating Work!

The confident designer even left her job to continue her passion by running a business of handmade embroidered designs. Defne's work is so captivating that it impresses every observant and all the new fans of Istanbul based artist cannot wait to see more of her enthralling artwork!