This Australian Woman Gets Kmart Tattoo Because She's Addicted To Shopping, Claims She Did Not Regret At All On Her Choice

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A lady in Australia was too addicted to shopping in Kmart that she got that tattooed on her leg. She claims that she has so many memories as she had been shopping there since her childhood. She also shared her tattooed picture on one of Kmart's groups and told of her plans to add 'addict' to the 'Kmart.'


A woman named Crystal got herself a tattoo of Kmart logo

A woman in Australia was so fond of shopping from Kmart that she had gotten herself a tattoo of Kmart for real. Kmart is a shopping store, it is quite famous and active on social media too.

The name of the lady who got the 'tattoo' is Crystal, she is too addicted to shopping from Kmart that she ended up getting the tattoo of the megastores logo.


She posted the pictures to the Kmart group called Kmart and Roasts

Even though she knew she will be trolled for this, she still posted the pictures of the tattoo on a Kmart group called Kmart hacks and Roasts saying it was a tribute to her lifelong ‘Kmart addiction.’

"So I know I'll get bombarded by Negative Nancy’s, but this happened today and no, I'm not regretting it and I won't regret it," Crystal said in the post.


Crystal will never regret it and is proud of her tattoo

She even told everyone the emotional story behind her addiction.

"The story behind getting this tattoo... my Kmart addiction, which started back when I was little and would go with my nan shopping at Kmart and having lunch at [the cafe] once a week, good times," she continued.

"Still to this day I'm addicted [to] going to Kmart every chance I get."



It required her a year to build up the nerve to go under the needle

"There's so many Kmart stories over my 35 years, so many memories behind this one tattoo..."

She said that it required her a year to build up the nerve to go under the needle, noting that when it came to the moment, others were convinced she'd chicken out.


She has plans to add the 'addict' part to the 'Kmart'

"It's done" she declared. "I'm not regretting it one bit."

She further said that she is hoping to get some finishing touches adding: "I go back once this is healed to do any touch-ups needed and to add the 'addict' part."


Many criticized her while some appreciated her

"Others will look at me and go 'you bloody idiot why?!?' But I will continue to smile and say 'because I can'."

There were many positive as well as negative comments under the post, one said: "If she doesn't get discounts from this she's missing out on a huge opportunity."