This Babysitter Abused 8-Month-Old Baby But The Dog Saved The Day

By Sughra Hafeez in News On 3rd October 2015

#1 Alexis Khan was the one baby siting and abusing the child

And for five months it went on unnoticed by any.

#2 But the dog witnessed it all

And over time his behaviour changed to unfriendly and offensive towards Alexis. And this did not go unnoticed since dogs always tend to become friendly with time or at least soften.

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#3 His parents got the clue

The changing behaviour was what made his parents suspicious and they put up recording devices in the house. When the abuse was detected, Alexis was handed over to police and the dog finally found his peace with his little friend safe for now.

#4 And now the child grows happy under his protection

The loyal and protective act of the dog was the reason that little boy will grow up to be strong and safe.

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