This Boyfriend ‘Wedgie’ Pranks His Girlfriend So Bad That He Ripped Her Underwear!

Posted by Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 5th August 2016

Everyone loves surprises, and if these are coming from your loved ones, they are even more beautiful and special. These surprises make your relationship stronger and of course make you feel loved. While getting surprises is great, setting up surprises is great experience too.

When you set up a surprise for you loved one, it gives immense happiness to see the sparkle in the eyes of your beloved. Giving chocolates, flowers, a surprise birthday bash, these are all little surprises that go long way in making relationship strong. However there some couples who taken surprises to next level, find out their way to surprise their partners:


#1 A Unique Surprise!!

Amber Doig and Julius Dein have a unique way of surprising each other, something unusual.


#2 It’s A Prank!

The couple play a prank where in Julius pulls the underwear of Amber over and over again while she is busy doing some or the other chore, and he continues he chase till he rips her underwear apart.


#3 Video Has Gone Viral!

The prank video of this couple has gone viral and getting a mixed response, some do not agree in their way of pranking, however for Amber she goes with the spirit and says she will get back at Julius. That the love and trust she has on her boyfriend that this is only wedgies prank.

#4 Watch The Video Here:

The video has got a lot of fans and followers, would you play a similar prank to your partner, watch the fun:

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