This Brain Teaser Is Taking The Web By Storm. Many People Can't Solve It, Can You?

Posted by Michael Avery in Puzzle On 14th July 2017

Is your lucky number 7? This right here is the most recent brainteaser to send the web into a frenzy. Do you think you can you solve it? Give it a shot.

#1 The net has been taken by storm recently by a fiendishly difficult brain-teaser.

Hidden within this image full of slot-machine combinations are 3 lucky 7's. Can you find them all and hit the jackpot?

The numbers are scattered out among lemons, cherries, watermelons and several other familiar slot-machine symbols. It’s the most recent challenge to make netizens scratch their heads.


#2 The puzzle comes after a ballerina brain-teaser which kept readers on their toes.

This little puzzle will keep you on your toes, but can you spot the odd one out. Keep your answers in mind because we will come back to this one. Now back to the lucky seven puzzle.

If you are struggling to find those sevens, scroll to the next the page to see where those lucky sevens have been hiding. Greg Tatton-Brown, from online casino which created the puzzle, said:

“This may look like a riot of color but readers should keep their eyes peeled. Often when playing a slot machine it’s one annoying BAR or cherry pair that stops you from getting what you need – and in this case, there are loads of the wrong symbols to avoid. Spotting all three lucky sevens in this puzzle might not mean you’re ready to go out and hit the jackpot on the next slot machine you see – but at least it’ll prove you have good eyesight.”

#3 The number sevens hidden among the symbols - did you spot them?

It might have helped if more of the numbers were uncovered but we managed to locate all 3. How about you? Now that you are done with this one, try some others.

Other tricky puzzles we have for you to solve include a beach scene with someone out of place, finding the hidden object in 5 confusing puzzles, and locating a sleeping baby among a sea of wide awake munchkins. Give these next few a try and let us know how you do.


#4 Can you spot the odd person out in this beach scene?

Everyone on this beach is wearing shades EXCEPT one person. Can you find them?

Don't worry, we got you covered if you can't find the answer.

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