This Couple Is Clueless Why Their Instagram Photo Went Viral

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Life Style On 24th September 2020

Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey posted a before and after picture on their 10th anniversary, the picture soon caught attention and went viral. The couple got super confused about why their photo had gone viral. They decided to read the comments under the post and suddenly it all started to make sense.


#1 Dan Hennessey and Wendy Joseph were so confused when their Instagram photo went viral

Although this couple has a very large fan following on Instagram and is used to the attention, they were completely clueless when their anniversary photo went viral. 

To solve this confusion, the couple decided to read the comments under the picture and it started making sense all of a sudden. 


#2 Ten years ago, Dan found Wendy on Facebook and sent her a request

Wendy and Dan are famous YouTubers whose remarkable love story started when Dan sent Wendy a friend request on Facebook many years ago. Dan was 18 at that time and studying Exercise Science whereas Wendy was 17 and still in high school. Wendy wanted to continue her studies further in public healthcare. Dan found Wendy on Facebook and was impressed by her pictures so instantly sent her a request. He even sent her a text in hopes that Wendy would reply. 

Wendy ignored the request and showed her friend Daphne his profile. Daphne told Wendy that Dan had also messaged her. Wendy thought of Dan as a player and decided to ignore it. But then, Dan again sent her a message. Now, Wendy was curious so decided to respond to the message. 


#3 Dan invited Wendy to a party

They talked and talked and became good friends. Dan invited Wendy to a party but the two of them decided to stay friends for now. Dan recently started college and was not prepared for a long term relationship. Wendy just got out of a toxic relationship so staying friends was the best decision. 


#4 Later, they started dating but Wendy broke off things

After some while, the couple started dating but Wendy broke things off to find out who she was without him. Poor Dan agreed and let her go, but this didn't end their connection. 


#5 Wendy started her own youtube channel

Wendy opened a YouTube channel that covered hair and beauty tutorials. Her channel helped her to make some money on social media. She had saved enough from her YouTube earning, she then went back to college and completed her degree.


#6 Wendy was ready for some romance

Wendy was only 25 and had already graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. It looked like now Wendy was ready for some romance in her life. 

She reached out to Dan, who was still in her heart. Dan also hadn't forgotten about her. The two started dating again. 


#7 Wendy shared a before and after photo of her and Dan

Some days after their 10th anniversary, Wendy shared a before and after photo of her and Hennessey. 

The caption was;

“I used to wear my hair stuck to my face every day, and Dan used to shave every week! Now we just take serious swimsuit pictures in different countries.”


The picture soon caught the attention and went viral. People were amazed by how the couple changed, it looked like they aged in reverse. The definitely looked younger now than back then. 

Someone asked;

“Do you both age in reverse?”

People wanted the couple to tell how they look so young and fresh, though they were older then they were back then.



#8 The reason is both Wendy and Dan are fitness enthusiasts

Nothing comes free. Wendy and Dan revealed how much effort they put into staying fit. Both of them are fitness enthusiasts, they also founded True4You Fitness, a fitness coaching company, where they give workout and nutrition advice to clients to stay as happy and fresh as them.