Couple Mistakenly Ripped 'Screen' Off Their New Samsung Smart TV While Filming Unboxing

By maks in News On 28th January 2024

TikToker Kelsey, known as @kumalashstudio on social media, recently moved to Spain and decided to treat herself and her partner to a 'brand new Samsung TV'. 

Excited about their purchase, they began unboxing the TV, expecting a routine experience. 

Credit: TikTok / @kumalashstudio

In a video she posted, Kelsey, a lash technician by profession, explained that they thought the TV had a 'little protective plastic on it that you need to take off.'

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Kelsey recounted, "Well, we thought it was the protective plastic because it really looked like that."

"So we started peeling it off and we did not realise that it was the actual screen we were peeling off."

Credit: TikTok / @kumalashstudio

By the time they realized their mistake, Kelsey's husband had already peeled off 'the whole rest of the screen.' 

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At that point, they were 'already half-way there,' and the TV was effectively 'ruined.' 

Surprisingly, Kelsey discovered that 'whole threads of people' had made the same mistake.

Despite the TV looking 'super nice and clear and shiny' without the darker top layer of film, it was rather unusable. 

Fortunately, when Kelsey contacted Samsung about the mishap, they were 'cool' about it and offered to replace the TV.


People have been pouring into the comments section of her TikTok post to share their thoughts on the incident. 

One user commented, "That’s not the entire screen. It’s just the polarizing film on top. Stick it on a pair of glasses and you have a private TV, no one else can see." 


Another user, seemingly familiar with such incidents, said, "I’ve had customers do this and it’s so painful to tell them they destroyed their TV. What TV comes with a protective film?!? Answer is none."

Others expressed disbelief, with one commenting, "Girl.. what how did you not realise?" 


While another praised Samsung's customer service, saying, "Samsung is so nice for replacing that though."

This incident highlights the importance of carefully following instructions when unboxing new electronics and serves as a cautionary tale for others. 

Kelsey's experience, although unfortunate, ended on a positive note thanks to Samsung's understanding response.