This Guy Takes Photos With His Girlfriend...Except You Won't Guess Who She Really Is

By Sughra Hafeez in Funny On 16th September 2015


How sweet



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Or you could just dress your hand up and feed yourself.

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His commutes were a lot less lonely...


Well, you could argue they were a lot lonelier...



His grandma actually cried when she saw his submissions. She thought he was being way too pathetic.


But Keisuke still does it. Even after taking multiple photos, he's still slightly embarrassed whenever he pulls his tripod out on what is supposed to be a romantic date.


He cannot stress enough how important it is not to be ashamed if you're not in a relationship.


And he's right. You'll miss being single when you're taken, so appreciate what you've got when you've got it.



So here's to being single and/or to being in a relationship, and to being proud of whichever situation you're currently in!