This Guy’s Friend Thought His Car’s Tape Player Was For His iPhone And Now The Story Is Everywhere

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 8th September 2015


Last month, the owners of a car dealership called Mike Smith Buick GMC posted a funny story on their Facebook page.


Their story was:

So a young driver stops in with an older car complaining that the iPhone dock in his vehicle isn't working and its scratching his phone

The photo shows an iPhone being stuck into a cassette player on an older car.

The post soon went viral, getting more than 200,000 shares. Many commenters cackled with glee over the stupidity of ~teens.~

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The story of the clueless youth and his experience at the car dealership soon was reported by several media outlets.


"It turns out young folk today don't really ‘get' the old fashioned audio system," wrote Yahoo News UK.

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But it turns out, the dealership was just reposting a joke from Reddit. The image came from a post by an Idaho man named Trevor Thomas earlier this year, not one of the dealership's customers.


Thompson's post received almost 400,000 views and was reposted on some meme sites, but didn't go viral until it was repurposed by the dealership.


But, is the story itself true? Yes. Well, kind of, Thomas said:

My friend Kyle owns an older SUV and slide his iPhone 5 into the cassette deck one day and asked seriously, "Is that what that's for?" And it gave us all a good laugh. We posted it to Instagram with the caption, "So, that's what that's for!" as a joke to him, but it only got a few likes.

Thomas said he decided to post the story to Imgur to be funny, changing the details a bit to make the story better:

I changed the caption to my brother to protect [my friend from] embarrassment and came up with the generational gap of technology where younger people might assume that it's made for an iPhone dock.

The dealership didn't return a request for comment from BuzzFeed News, but Thomas said they told him they found the picture and were just "having fun."


The teacher from Boise said the experience has been totally crazy.


What about his friend, who actually did use his cassette player incorrectly? "He thinks it's funny," Thomas said.