This Is How Long It Took 18th-Century Women To Get Dressed Up In The Morning.

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in History On 21st January 2018

Going to work in the 1700s required a lot of work itself. This article will show the typical morning routine of an 18th century working woman and you will literally feel blessed that you are born in 21st-century.


Women in the 18th-century used to take hours to get dressed up for work.

Women's clothing in the 18th century was really complicated. It literally took them hours to get dressed. Back in 1700's, the working women's getting ready for work was a huge production that involved lots of lacing, layering and cinching,


21st-century women are blessed!

Thankfully the women of this era are blessed, they can wear light and comfortable clothes while going to work, unlike the 18th-century women. We don't have to dress in heavy and boring frocks.


The struggle was real.

No matter how much we complain about the inequality and injustice towards women these days, if we compare ourselves to the 18th-century women we will truly feel blessed. This shows that our society is getting better day by day and mindsets are changing for real. We can dress the way we want and we aren't forced to wear such heavy and uncomfortable clothes which the 18th-century women used to bear. Their struggle was real.

You think you need hours to get dressed up? Just think about the 18th-century women then!

Just imagine how the women of the 18th century used to wake up very early in the morning and got dressed up for hours before going to work. In the video below, a step-by-step demonstration of the typical morning routine of the 18th-century women is shown that will make you feel grateful that you weren't born in the 1700s!

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