This Is What 200 Calories Of Your Favorite Snacks Looks Like.

Posted by Michael Avery in Food On 19th August 2016

If you're dieting or just want to be more conscientious about what you eat, you might find yourself checking the calorie count on basically every item in your pantry. And while seeing the serving size numbers can be a good point of reference, it's hard to imagine what these foods actually look like -- that is, what does 200 calories look like on your plate?

Well, we've got the images to show you. These are 15 basic staples, including cheese, celery, breads, and yes, even some candy and junk food, portioned out to exactly 200 calories. Some of them may surprise you in their abundance (who knew how many baby carrots you could actually eat in one sitting), and some of the portions are downright depressing (damn you, cheese). Find out what 200 calories looks like when applied to your favorite snacks below, and use the information to be more mindful the next time you're filling your plate.

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