This Is What Happens When You Drop 20kg Of Red Hot Steel Onto A Frozen Lake

Posted by Michael Avery in Science and Technology On 7th February 2017

Lauri’s incredibly Finnish scientific experiment sees him trying to bore a hole into the frozen lake using 20KG of red hot steel. Sure, an ice pick probably would have been simpler, but that’s why Lauri has hundreds of millions of views and you’re just sitting here watching weirdly satisfying videos from YouTube.

This gentleman is our hero.

He runs a YouTube channel called "Beyond the Press." The channel features him breaking stuff with a hydraulic press. Cool, right?


Well, he's also got a ton of other cool stuff.

In this video, he decides to take a 20-kilogram hunk of red-hot steel and place it on a frozen lake.

So...why is he doing this, exactly?

Well, just to see what would happen. However, practically, he's wondering if it's a quick way to melt through ice for ice fishing.


The steel melts the surrounding ice, as you might expect.

It heats the surrounding water, too, creating a thick film of vapor.

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