This Is What It Would Actually Cost To Move To The Beach Of Your Dreams

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 21st June 2017

You know you've always dreamed about moving to some exotic location and spending the rest of your life chilling on the beach. Go ahead and admit it. There is nothing wrong with that dream. If it wasn't for life and responsibilities you would jump on the first plane to your destination. The way the world is changing, people are working remotely more than ever. To that point, your dream might be more feasible than you think. Check out these 8 super cheap beaches where you could live out your beach bum dream at an affordable price.


Bali, Indonesia — $500-$900 Per Month

Bali is an incredible sight to behold. With its beautiful beaches and amazing weather, it's the perfect affordable spot to relocate for your beach life.


It's a very relaxing place that attracts all sorts of digital workers.

For as little as $500 a month you can enjoy surfing and one of the most relaxing places on earth.


Taghazout, Morocco — $600-$1,000 Per Month

Tech companies looking for cheap startup locations have been drawn to this beautiful city. It's proximity to Europe also opens up even more travel opportunities.

The Wi-Fi is some of the fastest you will find anywhere.

Your monthly rent will cost you around $400 a month so what are you waiting for? Jump on the next plane to Taghazout and start living your dreams.

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