This Is What Millionaires In Dubai Do With Their Money.

By Editorial Staff in Life Style On 8th October 2015

#1 Why just have fancy rims? Go big or go home.

#2 Or maybe you prefer a white gold Mercedes?

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#4 Maybe you prefer to stay at the Atlantis Hotel, one of the most expensive hotels in the world on one of the world's largest artificial islands.

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#5 It hasn't been verified, but this probably the world's most expensive traffic jam.

#6 Call in the cops with their Lamborghinis!

#7 Or maybe just hitch a ride in a Bugati taxi instead.

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#8 And then stop off at the gold ATM.

#9 You'll need some cash when you head out the market.

#10 And don't forget your insanely expensive phone.

#11 You'll need it to call your friends to ask them to come over and play some gold Foosball.

#12 If you stay at the Burj Al Arab hotel, you'll be given a 24-carat gold iPad upon check-in.

#13 Then you can stroll to Dubai’s Miracle Garden, the largest flower garden in the world.

#14 Your cheetah has no time for your texts.

#15 How about an elevated game of tennis?

#16 This is what is known as a Dubai Doublewide.

#17 Want a snack? The Bloomsbury Cupcake Shop in the Dubai Mall offers you one wrapped in 23 carats of edible gold.

#18 Wheee!

#19 Oh, just headed to the world’s largest shopping mall (based on total area).

#20 The Lioness on her boat.

#21 How about some camel races with robots instead of jockeys?

#22 Or maybe take a trip to the Palm Islands, which are shaped like a giant palm tree and covered in luxury homes.