This Is What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Personality

Posted by Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 5th December 2016

Our parents or elderly ones always used to tell us to control our tongue or watch before saying anything. Because sometimes we say something which the other person might not like it or we sound sometimes rude. Forget about how rude or polite you are speaking, because according to the latest research, shape and size of the tongue reveals a lot about a person. So, don’t sit, relax, and find out what your tongue says about your personality.


#1 Reddish Tongue

People with red tongue are fearful and talk less. Generally, they have fear of fire and height.


#2 Whiteness on Tongue

They are very talkative and social in nature. They love to meet people and believe in doing social service too.


#3 Curvical Tongue

They are the most gentle person and usually, they fight with anyone.

#4 Aerodynamic Shaped Tongue

People who have pointed tongue are considered as clever people as they know how to conquer anyone. They know how to do conspiracies and opposing someone.


#5 Small Tongue

People with small tongue are calm and speak less. Due to their calm nature, they cannot oppose someone easily.

#6 Long Tongue

If you have a long tongue, that means you are a wise person and if women with long tongue love their husband the most.


#7 Thin Tongue

People with thin tongue are blunt in nature as they can't keep anything inside. But the fact is that they are good in nature and never hurt anyone.


#8 Thick Tongue

People with thick tongue are generally highly tempered and quarrelsome in nature. They generally love to rule or dominate the relationship.