This Is Why You Should Never Store Eggs In The Fridge Door

By Sumaika Ghani in Food On 11th November 2017


While most of us find it reasonable to store eggs in our fridge door, health experts do not think so. It has been revealed that the fridge door is the worst place to keep eggs fresh for a longer time.



The opening and closing of the fridge door causes eggs to undergo constant temperature fluctuations which speeds up the rotting process of eggs rather than preserving the eggs' freshness. Instead, the best way to store eggs is to keep them in their box on the main shelf of the fridge. It is the place where the temperature is not only suitable for eggs but also constant.

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According to food storage expert Vlatka Lake, "Storing your eggs in the fridge door will expose them to sudden temperature changes each time the door opens and closes and that will make them go rotten faster." The expert also said, "The general consensus is to store eggs in the fridge, but not in the egg racks commonly found on the fridge door."



Vlatka Lake is not the only expert who finds fridge door to be an improper place for keeping eggs.

“Eggs are at their best when stored at a consistent temperature, so we recommend keeping them in the fridge on the middle shelf,” explained consumer editor Sara Benwell.

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