This Just Proves That Kids Are Totally Hilarious

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 13th June 2018

Kids are too funny. They always seem to floor us one way or another. Most of the time it is from the crazy things they say or ideas that they come up with. The rest of the time, they get us with their actions. Either way, kids are incredibly entertaining, and we found some of the funniest kids on the web.

Princess Day

In a room full of princesses, be the hot dog. This kid definitely knows what it is like to embrace her originality. She will grow up to be a great leader one day. We hope her parents are proud of her.


Fishing Rods

At that age, it is better to let the kid think those really are fishing rods instead of trying to explain what they really are. Could you imagine trying to explain to a little boy what tampons really are? It could be a traumatic experience.

Call the Exorcist

If this happened my first time babysitting, I would probably never do it again. How is this kid even like this? It cannot be comfortable. How long do you think she slept like this?



When you have little ones, you will see that the smallest things will make them proud of themselves. It is very important to encourage this so they have a strong sense of self while they are growing up. We hope his mom did not make a fuss after snapping this picture. He sure looks proud and excited about his accomplishment.

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