This Makeup Artist From Azerbaijan Can Make 80-YEAR-OLD Women Look Like They Have Just Turned 30!

Posted by Sumaika Ghani in Fashion On 8th January 2018

Makeup is magic that can totally transform your not so perfect looks and leave you feeling like the most beautiful person on this planet and anyone who knows this powerful magic needs to be acknowledged. One such makeup magician belongs to Azerbaijan who can make an 80-year-old woman look decades younger with his superb talent.



Anar Agakashiev is a 32-year-old makeup artist from Azerbaijan who loves to make his lucky clients look beautiful with his skilled hands. The talented artist knows how to highlight anyone's beauty with makeup. Although Anar can make everyone look like a model, his area of expertise is older women.



The man has a knack for hiding eye bags, wrinkles and evenly toning the aged skin. Anar's remarkable work is being praised all over the world and the pictures showing magical transformations have gone viral on the internet. The people on social media are astonished by the artist's ability to bend time and make women 80 years old look half their age!



From his studio in Baku, Mr. Agakashiev regularly startles everyone with his amazing artwork and what's most impressive is the artist's skill for doing dazzling eye makeup. The 32-year-old adds shimmer at the inner corner of eyes and uses light neutral colors on eyelids to make them look naturally bigger and beautiful.


The breathtaking pictures of his work have left everyone with admiration for the brilliant makeup wizard and Mr. Agakashiev has gained not only popularity but also some real fans from all over the world.

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