This Man Cuts Off His Ears And Keeps Them In Jar So That His Head Could Look Like A Skull

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Man wanted his head to look like a skull, so he chopped his ears off and now keeps them in a jar. Sandro has spent more than $7600 on his extreme body modifications and doesn't plan to stop here.


Man, who is addicted to tattoos, chops off his ears and keeps them in a jar

This man has spent more than $7,600 (£6,000) to make his head look like a skull, and for this, he had even chopped off both ears.

Sandro is from Finsterwalde, Germany, and is famous as ‘Mr. Skull Face.’ 

He had gone through 17 extreme body modifications imaginable: Forehead implants, forearm implants, back of the hand implants, under the skin payment implant, and tongue splitting.


He didn't stop there and doesn't plan to stop in the future

‘Mr. Skull Face’ had his ears removed last year and his further plans include having the tip of his nose cut off, and his eyeballs tattooed. 



His unusual appearance doesn't sit well with peopleĀ 

He said that many people call him 'crazy.'

“If people stare, I really don’t care. If someone says something like ‘you are a sick old man’ then I will answer with ‘thank you for the compliment.'”

“Negative comments go in one side and out the other.”

“It has strengthened my self-confidence above all.”


Sandro says that even his family and friends call him a freak

Sandro says he doesn't let these remarks affect him. According to him, people should accept him for who he is and not just the way he looks.

“My transformation has influenced my life, but I don’t care.”

“I should be accepted as a person, and above all, because of my inner values.”

“Friends have tried to talk me out of the modifications, especially when it came to cutting off my ears. But I’m just a person who likes to go his own way.”



Sandro is currently unemployed

Sandro believes his appearance is the reason behind his unemployment.

“My appearance has had a huge impact on my chances of getting a job because a lot of companies are still very conservative and prefer to go with the flow.”


Sandro is single and thinks this could also be due to his looks

He said;

“I think that, also, it has, of course, had an effect on me finding a relationship because it scares most people off.”

“But of course, many people also find it very interesting.”

This all doesn't stop him from looking the way he wants. He plans to continue this In the future and says his transformation has made him more confident about himself. 


He warned others to ensure they have modifications for the right reasons

He advised people to never do something just to look cool.

He said;

“If you’re a beginner, do long and thorough research, think carefully about everything, and take your time.”

“Above all, never do something just because you want to be more blatant or cool with it.”

“It has to come from the heart and be for yourself.”